Selecting Adoptive Parents

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, selecting adoptive parents is a big decision. It's rewarding to know you are not only creating a secure and loving home for your child, but also creating a family for someone who - without you - may never have a family. This makes it an exciting - but also sometimes a nervous - process.

I want the decision of selecting an adoptive family to be a completely pressure-free process for you. After I explain the adoption process to you - your rights and options - I'll show you photo-resume letters of families waiting to adopt. You don't need to rush through them in my office; I'll give them to you to bring home and look over. It is up to you if you would like to meet my at my office, or if you can't travel, I can come to you. 

When you are ready, you can let me know which families you want to meet. You may like just one, or several. You will have the chance to personally meet these families, get to know them, then make your decision when you are ready. California law allows adoptive parents to pay all the adoption-related expenses, so there are no expenses for you. This can include a counselor (called an Adoption Services Provider in independent adoption), your own attorney, and help with living and medical costs while you are pregnant (and recovering after birth).

I look forward to receiving your call, answering your questions about adoption, and showing you waiting families. You can reach me at 951-787-8300 or email me at


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